REST Massage Therapy

About The Practitioner

Hi massage explorer, 

My name is Zang Xiong. And here are some things about me, your massage therapist. I am the youngest of 12 children. I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I graduated from the Aveda Institute Massage class of spring 2017.

Why massage therapy? Well, I want to combine massage therapy with trauma therapy. I have seen many individuals who have suffered from physical and emotional traumas in life and are working towards recovery. Through mental health care and physical therapy, so I want to use massage therapy as a tool for them to use as well to heal and recover.  

Why I do what I do? I believe that we all need healing physically and mental healing. Wholistic healing does not just focus on one but all aspects. Taking care of your physical health is taking care of your mental health and vice versa. And I believe, massage a great way to do both.